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Personal Statement

Graduate with a 2:1 honours degree in Computer Science with an endorsement in Computer Networking, currently employed as a Trainee Penetration Tester at NTA Monitor Intertek. Currently working towards improving my skills as an Offensive Security worker and getting industry leading certifications.
I am a strong believer in the open source movement and ethical uses of technology.

Key Skills

Linux Networking Security
System Administration Automation Ansible
C++ Python Bash
LAMP Web Development Stack Personable Aproachable

Work Experience

Trainee Penetration Tester, INTERTEK NTA Monitor(July 2021 - Current)
A trainee at Intertek NTA, mainly tasked with creating reports and running basic audits of security of organisations web applications/services. As a trainnee I am still developing my skills and being pushed towards CREST certifications to allow me to become a CHECK Team Member and obtain government compliance.

Skills: Web Application Auditing, Reporting, Penetration Testing, Networking, Cyber Security.
Erebus Systems LTD (Sep 2021 - Current)
Spawning from my freelance work I now run my own company that provides multiple different kinds of services from Network Configuration, Web Hosting and Basic Web Development, with the main service being customised Systems Development. Catering to small to medium sized businesses to help modernize and enhance their work load by auditing the systems currently in place and creating custom tools to maximise business efficiency.

Skills: Customer Service, PHP Development, Web Design, Web Service Configuration, Systems Administration, Web Hosting, Networking.
Freelance IT (September 2018 - 2021)
Freelance work for small businesses, including technical support and advice, installing SSL certificates, configuring email software, DNS configuration, WordPress CMS, Shopify and CPanel.

Skills: Customer Service, PHP Development, Web Design, Web Service Configuration.
IT Specialist, Roberts & Co Accountancy Newport (Sep 2016 – March 2021)
At Roberts and Co accountancy I worked as a systems analyst/IT Specialist. I have assisted this small accountancy firm in many different projects. I have helped with software and hardware acquisition, systems administration, designing and building a Network Attached Storage solution, designed an overall network connectivity solution for the office, advised and made the changes for the firm to go paperless, advised for new data protection regulation, installed new hardware and systems, maintained all systems and monitored all the systems that are in place. I also develop and administrate the latest version of the company website.

Skills: Network Administration, Customer Service, Security, Web Development.
IT Apprentice/Digital Print Operator, City Print (April 2014 – July 2016)
My job at City Print was quite varied as it was a very small company. My main job involved the running and maintenance of the digital printers, this included a Large Format Printer for vinyl/signage as well as an industrial standard Konica Minolta Printer. This at times involved heavy editing or production of digital imagery using Corel Draw and PhotoShop. I was also heavily involved in the maintenance and administration of the computers and network at the company. I installed multiple computers, completely re-configured the network to fix errors in its original set up, conducted phone calls with ISP's/support specialists for specialized software, reviewed and audited software packages, old and new, acquired hardware and installed a small NAS for file storage, and, mocked up and developed a design for a website.

Skills: Networking, PowerShell Scripting, Web Service Configuration, VPN Configuration

Volunteer Work

Duke Of Edingburgh Code Mentor, Ignite Hubs (Feb 2021 - Present)

President Of The Computing Society, University of Greenwich (June 2019 - May 2021)

Assistant Beaver Leader, 38th Woolwich Scouts (Nov 2018 - Apr 2021)

G-Wizard Developer, University Of Greenwich (Dec 2018 - Sep 2019)
In this role I worked through the University of Greenwich to help provide startups and small companies with development work. In my first year, I completed a web development project where I worked with a company called LISE (London International Student Exchanges) to improve their online platform. This involved helping re-develop the website to match their specifications, help determine correct hosting options, Search Engine Optimisation, Wordpress add on development and some custom themeing.

Code Club Volunteer Mentor, The Ideas Garage (Nov 2016 - Sep 2017)
I volunteered as a mentor to help children learn basic IT/Programming skills. During my time at The Ideas Garage I participated in two big projects, mainly revolving around the use of embedded C/C++ with Arduino's. I also assisted the kids in learning basic JavaScript, HTML and CSS aswell as other topics that interested them. The main aspect of this role wasn't specifically to teach them certain skills, it was to try and find what motivated them within IT personally and target that. This meant that some kids we would allow to experiment specifically with Python, GUI programming or other things, even if we had other overall projects running. We would help them with this experimentation, and help them from getting discouraged.

Active Projects

Please see my GitHub profile for most recent updates, archived projects and other contributions.